Voters in South Carolina and Nevada turn out to vote in the primary


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In South Carolina and Nevada, voters line up to vote for their prospective candidates, with each party having several decisions to make on who will receive their vote.

Despite the voting having merely begun, Donald Trump is already expected to win the primary in South Carolina, according to the Washington Post. While Trump is expected hold the lead, the race of the final four will be determined by this election, and either Gov. John Kasich or Gov. Jeb Bush will be pushed out of the race.

“For all practical purposes, there’s no path forward for Governor Bush,” Katich’s chief strategist John Weaver told the New York Times. “We’ve already won there, at least in my sense, because however we do, it’s going to help drive somebody else out of the race” referring to Bush.

Tim Miller, a spokesman for Bush responded that Kasich is “running a zombie campaign that only exists in three states in the hopes that he can gain some cache in the vice-presidential sweepstakes” to the New York Times.

While the race between five candidates in the Republican Party continue, it is down to two in the Democratic Party, with the stakes high for both Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders. According to the Democratic Nevada Caucus, Clinton is in the lead with 51.76%, but by only a margin of 3.6% compared to Sanders’ 48.16%.

Nevada was expected to be an easy win for Clinton according to USA Today, but her lead has decreased significantly within the past couple weeks, and Sanders’ campaign is feeling the momentum of a Nevada win already.

Minority votes are expected to be the key factor in who will win Nevada for democrats. According to an Edison Research entrance poll, Sanders holds the lead over Hispanic voters and white voters. Clinton still holds the lead over non-white voters, but only by less than 10 percent.

As polls, reports, and votes keep pouring in, it is expected to be a tight race on both sides of the primary election.


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