2020 Skincare Routine: Clean Beauty

A little over a year ago, I began to switch all of my products to a completely clean beauty routine. I did my research and prioritized brands who not only used high quality and clean ingredients, but also who used as little plastic packaging as possible. I’m a creature of habit, so when I find a product or brand that I works for me, I stick with it.

The main brands I use are Cocokind and Versed. I like their ethos, price point, and the way my skin reacts to their products. I’ve noticed that my skin is clearer with less redness (from hyper-pigmentation) and it’s a routine that I enjoy each day.

Morning Skincare

My morning routine is pretty simple, focusing mainly on cleansing and applying SPF (very important!). I use a milk cleanser and massage it onto my face with my fingers, and then apply SPF. That’s it!

Nighttime Skincare

Applying my skincare in the evening is one of my favorite parts about getting ready for bed. I play spa music from Spotify, I put on a robe and spa headband; it’s a whole vibe.

  • Double cleanse: I start with an oil cleanser to break up any dirt on my face from the day, before going in with the same milk cleanser from the morning and my Foreo brush to exfoliate. I have an issue with enlarged pores so I gently exfoliate every night.
  • Toner: Once I’ve patted my face dry I use a witch hazel toner on reusable cotton pads and swipe it all over my face, focusing on the nose and chin area.
  • Essence: When the toner has dried, I go in with an essence and use my fingertips to gently pat it in.
  • Serum and Vitamin C: I use a calming serum to prevent breakouts mixed in with a powder vitamin C for brightness.
  • Eye cream: I gently tap eye cream onto my under eyes and work my way to outward parts of my eyes too.
  • Pore refiner and moisturizer: I picked up the Cocokind two-part texture skincare, and I’ve been loving it. I use the pore refiner roller on the areas where I have enlarged pores first, then I go in with the moisturizer to lock everything in.
  • Lash serum: With my wedding coming up I have been wanting to grow my lashes. I found Dime Beauty, a clean beauty brand whose packaging is made out of recycled plastic.
  • Gua sha: I prefer a gua sha tool over a roller, and massage my neck all the way up to my temples. It helps push the skincare products in as well as with lymphatic drainage.


Skincare for your face is important, but don’t forget to also nourish the skin on the rest of your body.

  • Coconut oil soap + loofah: In the shower, I use a coconut oil based soap (rather than palm oil) and exfoliate with a natural loofah.
  • Shampoo bars: This was one of my first switches to reduce plastic and I’m never going back! They keep my hair fresh and save me money! I massage in the shampoo into my roots before using the conditioner on the lower half of my hair.
  • Bamboo hair brush: I upgraded to a bamboo hairbrush to eliminate one more plastic item from my routine, and I love it (plus it is so #aesthetic)
  • Lotion and self tanner: I use a fragrance free lotion that I can buy in bulk and does not contain any harsh chemicals. When I’m self tanning, I mix my Isle of Paradise tanning drops into the lotion and rub all over my body.
  • Dry brush: Dry brushing feels so good on the body; it exfoliates and improves blood circulation.

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