Wedding Update: June

Hi all! I hope every single one of you is doing well during these unprecedented times (also, how many emails have you had to start with that? I must be on my 700th at this point). The past few months have been a whirlwind for me career wise as well as wedding wise. I accepted a dream job and couldn’t be happier in my new position. Meanwhile, wedding planning has taken a backseat amidst the uncertainty of the future due to the pandemic.

I feel like I have read every article that has come out about wedding planning during a pandemic, but everyone is on the same page in the sense that no one has any clue what the future holds. Our wedding is in the spring of 2021, and so far we are cautiously optimistic that it will still be held how we imagined it. However, even if changes have to be made, we have no problem shifting. What matters to us is getting married, and however it looks will be exactly how it was meant to be.

Recently, we’ve picked up wedding planning where we left it back in March, and have made some progress in booking vendors we are sure we want. I hope this little update is helpful to other couples planning their wedding right now, and if you have any suggestions or feedback please leave a comment below!


Venue: Our venues for our ceremony and reception were booked in early March, and we  absolutely love them! We are getting married in the heart of Baltimore, and we are so excited to share Charm City with our guests.

Dress: I also found a dress! I had been looking for a pre-owned wedding dress to wear since it is the most sustainable option, and tried a few but none of them were what I envisioned/within my budget. I ended up ordering a dress on BHLDN during lockdown, and tried it on in my house when it arrived 2 weeks later. Probably one of the most unique wedding dress shopping experiences, but I love the dress. I wish I could say I went with a sustainable option, but it fit my style (and budget) so well and I plan on donating it after the wedding to prolong its wear life.

Flowers: We also booked our florist this week! All of the flowers are organic, sustainably sourced, and grown on the local farm. Oh, and it’s womxn owned!

Photographer and Videographer: I am probably most excited for the photography and videography for the wedding day. Our photographer went to the same college as Andres and I, and got her degree in environmental planning (we joke that we probably had several classes together). Beautiful photography and videography are a big priority for me because it is the only thing that lives long after the wedding day fades into memories, and I wanted to make sure as much of the joy is captured to reminisce for years to come.

Also, the pictures in this post are from our engagement shoot and we absolutely love them! Our photographer is Liza Barrick, so if you live in Maryland or New Jersey I highly recommend her!

Those are the major things we currently have reserved, and I will share more information as we get closer to the wedding. We are ten months away and I can hardly believe it!


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