Eco-Friendly Gift Guide 2019

‘Tis the season of giving, but unfortunately it is also the season of wasting. In the U.S., an extra 25 million tons of garbage is generated between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. With all this waste and the ever-constant message to consume products, it can be a difficult time to navigate and choose sustainable options.

I have be perusing several ethical and sustainable holiday gift guides to curate gifts for my family that are not only consciously sourced, but will be used by them for months and years to come (hello sustainability!). Here are my picks that I have gotten for my loved ones that won’t break the bank, and reduce our harm to the planet:

Picture from Grove

Reusable Coffee Filters

My dad is a pour-over coffee fiend, and he has multiple cups a day. To up his coffee game while reducing waste, I got him some reusable coffee filters that he can use over and over again. Better coffee while saving money? That’s a dad gift win right there.


Picture from Amazon

Skincare Sampler Kit

I love skincare, and so does my mom. I’m always excited to try new products, and when I tried this face sampler kit from Ethique I knew my mom would love it too. Not only do I love the brand, but all of their products are plastic free and vegan. The sample comes with a variety of face washes, as well as a moisturizer and serum in the form of a bar (so cool!). Throw in a clean beauty face mask and you have the perfect self-care present.


Picture from Green Dreamer website

2-Year Planner

Organization runs in my family, and we all swoon over stationary and planners. When I found out that my all-time favorite podcaster Kamea Chayne (from the Green Dreamer podcast) was coming out with a 2-year planner made entirely from eco-friendly materials, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it for my sister (and myself, if I’m being honest). The planners are for two years to reduce waste, and are printed on 100% recycled paper with soy-based ink. Kamea gives you plenty of space to plan, take notes, or doodle throughout the planner, and I’m counting down the days until it arrives.


Picture from Amazon

Wooden Map Puzzle

Trying to find a present for my four-year-old niece without plastic was like finding a needle in a haystack. It is crazy how much plastic are used for kids toys. I found this puzzle, and thought it was perfect since she is learning about geography and loves singing her 50 states song.



Picture from Groupon website

Groupon Experience

My fiancé and I are adventurers at heart, so we love experiencing new activities together. The best part about getting a Groupon experience is that not only is there no waste with it (you can just digitally send them the itinerary), but it’s a gift that they can receive and still have something to look forward to afterwards! I got my fiance a groupon to a fencing class, and I’m excited for both us to have fun learning a new activity.


I hope this gift guide inspires you to find sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives that everyone on your list will love! These picks let me stay within my budget for the holiday season, without sacrificing getting thoughtful gifts. We can all vote with our dollars, and supporting businesses whose values align with ours is one of the best ways year-round!

I hope you all have happy holidays, and to remember to also take some time for yourself during this busy time 🙂



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