10×10 Challenge: June

Day 1: Monday


I like to start out my week with my most professional outfit to get myself back into the work mindset. Because most of my outfits this week are neutral (I’m a neutral gal, but I’m going to try and go out of my comfort zone and play with prints and color during this challenge), I added this red blazer to give some interest to my outfit. You’ll also notice this week that I am really digging espadrilles.

Day 2: Tuesday


This summer, you’ll find out that I LOVE wide leg pants! I have yet to find a pair of shorts that I really love, so I’m not very comfortable with wearing them. They’re always too tight, too short, rub the wrong way, etc. But wide leg pants are breezy and keep me cool. Not to mention you look put together and stylish while feeling like you’re wearing pajamas. Win-win!

Day 3: Wednesday


Wednesday’s are one of my work-from-home days, so I keep it pretty casual. This day I worked out of my local coffeeshop, hence why I’m in jeans and not sweatpants (I will include sweatpants in a future 10×10 week, so stay tuned!)

Day 5: Thursday


My office has a very laid-back dress code, which is lucky for me since I can get away with wearing sandals. I also love me a monochromatic, navy-on-navy look.

Day 6: Friday


TGIF! I worked from home on this day, and was in video conferences most of the day. Since they can only see my top half, I looked put together while having a more casual bottom. This outfit was also great to carry into happy hour!

Day 7: Saturday


Saturday’s are spent running errands. Farmers market, gym, etc, this outfit carried me through the whole day. I also really love shoes that I can just slip on that are comfortable enough to run around in (I changed them for my sneakers when I got to the gym).

Day 8: Sunday


What’s a Sunday without brunch? It’s a die-hard tradition here in D.C., so I wore a simple outfit with a lot of stretch to hide the food belly, and put on a straw hat to spice it up.

Day 9: Monday


Back on the grind! This dress is super comfortable while still professional, and I could also pair it with my blazer if the office was chilly.

Day 10: Tueday


Another day at the coffeeshop and running out of new styling options, I opted for something simple, neutral, and comfortable. My 3 favorite things!

I hope you all enjoyed this week of outfits! Stay tuned for my next 10×10’s in the upcoming weeks!

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