My Favorite Eco-Blogs

In case you haven’t noticed, I am a firm believer in an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. While I’m not perfect, I have been working towards making more conscious choices in fashion, food, and everyday actions. Because this lifestyle has just started to receive some recognition, I definitely needed some help along the way. I took to Instagram to find accounts and blogs that would inspire me, give me tips, and help me become more educated on the subject. Here are my favorite people that I have learned from, and have helped me with my steps toward sustainability.


Goblin Shark

Photo via blog

When it came to making ethical and sustainable fashion choices, it was hard to find people who shared my style. As much as I would love to rock boho-chic (and have tried many times), it just doesn’t fit in with my lifestyle, especially in the cold months here in Washington D.C. I found Renee’s blog while reading her featured article on the Minimalist Wardrobe (more about that below) and instantly connected to her style. Not only is she a fellow D.C. native, but she has an office job with a similar dress code to my own work. Her style is classic with a few stand-out pieces, and her wardrobe is a combination of sustainable and thrifted items. If you want to know how to have a sustainable, classic, and work appropriate wardrobe, check her out!

Sutton + Grove (@jillematthews)

Photo via Instagram

Jill’s account is the one I go to for fresh fashion inspiration and tips on styling. Her quick videos on how to style versatile pieces are my favorite, and whenever I want to find new sustainable companies I always check out what she’s wearing. Her aesthetically pleasing feed is also incredible.


Water Thru Skin (@waterthruskin)

Photo via blog

When I first started my sustainable journey, Valeria was the first sustainable blog I found and my main inspiration (and she still is!). Valeria’s blog talks about fashion, beauty, travel, and everything in between. I love finding out about new brands, tips on being plastic-free, and how to eco-travel. I highly recommend her blog and Instagram, and I hope one to day to travel to all the amazing places she’s been!

Wellness Travelled (@wellnesstravelled)


Photo via Instagram

Christine and Sarah are sisters who travel the world and promote eco-tourism and travel tips. Their blog provides tips and reviews of eco-hotels, and their Instagram posts meaningful information about conscious travel. They even provided me with recommendations on my trip to Belize, and I can’t thank them enough!

The Dharma Trails (@thedharmatrails)

Photo via Instagram

Vivien and Aaron are one of my favorite Instagram accounts, and I always look forward to their next amazing photo and meaningful caption. Each caption on Instagram highlights an eco-thought of the day based on current events. They also just released a free eco-travel guide, and it is such a great read!


Root for Food (@root_for_food)

Photo via Instagram

Meg’s blog provides tips and tricks on how to live a healthy and sustainable life. As I have begun my journey into clean and non-toxic living, Root for Food has DIY products for home products and how to create less waste. Definitely a great read to make your home clean and sustainable.

Wakened Apparel (@life_simplified)

Photo via Instagram

If you want an account that you can read online, follow on Instagram, and listen to their podcast, Cassidy is the one for you. Her company Wakened Apparel creates beautiful T-shirts and blankets, and also provides tips on producing less waste and living a sustainable lifestyle.

Her Simple Living (@stacysullivan_)

Photo via blog

Stacy’s recipes and tips are some of my favorite when it comes to a low waste home. Thanks to her blog, I’ve learned how to make homemade oat milk, lip balm, and cleaner. Her recipes are simple and make my life and home easier and cleaner.




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