My Clean Skincare Routine

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Back in college, I used to be an avid makeup junkie. I watched all the beauty YouTube tutorials, bought as many eye shadow palettes as my wallet would allow, and would never leave my dorm room without a full face of makeup on. While I’m thankful for all the tips and tricks I picked up along the way, lately I have been less into makeup and really (I mean really) into skincare. While makeup was therapeutic for my back in the day, I was not doing any favors for my skin. With my skincare routine, I get that self-care time that I crave while also improving my skin instead of covering it up.


It is important to use the right ingredients in your skincare routine. I’ve been making the switch to clean beauty, and all of the harmful chemicals that are found in so many of our products. While I was hesitant to make this switch initially due to the higher price tag, and also that I thought there was no way harmful ingredients could be in the skincare I see so many people using. But after months of research, I knew that in the long run clean skincare was the investment I wanted to make for my health.

If you want to ease your way into clean skincare without buying full size products, I recommend Follain. Follain is your one-stop shop for all things non-toxic, including makeup and hair products. They sell exclusively clean beauty, so you don’t have to second-guess when shopping. My first purchase from them was their Clean Essentials Kit a couple of months ago. Not only do you get a great bang for your buck, but you can test out the small sizes before committing to a full size.


Here is my step by step clean beauty routine:

Step 1: First cleanse. If I’m wearing makeup, I first go in with a cleansing balm, which breaks down all of my makeup (including mascara). This one from Farmacy is the best I’ve tried, and removes makeup without stripping the skin.

Step 2: Face wash. After rinsing off the balm, I go in with a cleanser on my Foreo cleansing brush. I love the Osea cleanser, it smells amazing and leaves my skin slightly tingly and fresh afterwards, like how you feel after using mouthwash.

Step 3: Toner. I spray the Indie Lee toner onto a reusable cotton pad and press it into my skin. Toner helps balance the pH levels in your skin, as well as does the final removal of any excess dirt or makeup.

Step 4: Jade roll. I try to do this every night, and I have definitely seen and felt a difference in my skin. Jade rolling helps with lymphatic drainage, which decreases puffiness. I jade roll in a upwards motion, applying gentle pressure. I jade roll my face as well as my neck, where I experience a lot of puffiness.

Step 5: Eye cream. I’ve been trying out the Youth to the People eye cream, and so far I love it. I use my ring finger to dot it and gently pat under my eye.

Step 6. Moisturize. I like the Ursa Major moisturizer because it is fast-absorbing (sometimes a little too fast), but when I want extra hydration, I use my Pacifica cream mixed in with a couple drops of their face oil. My skin drinks it up.

Step 7: Castor oil. This step is completely optional, but I have been trying to grow out my lashes and eyebrows, so I sweep some castor oil onto them to promote hair growth. I’ve been doing it on and off for about a year, but I’m trying to do it religiously to see if I see a difference.


And that is my typical night routine! Every week I try to do a face mask at some point, and depending on my skin I either use the Aztec Healing Clay mask or the Drink Up Intensive mask. I’ve seen a significant improvement in my skin, and opt for makeup-free days more than ever. I love feeling comfortable in my skin, and knowing that I’m using clean and non-toxic products that are best for my health. Win-win.


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